April 25, 2024

Some dolls that come with their own set of dresses and accessories have extra needs that are sometimes overlooked. The problem is that doll clothes are more vulnerable to wear and tear and that the cloth can easily become stiff due to dust after storing it over time. Doll garments can easily get ripped and torn. Careful handling should be observed when cleaning doll clothes and that chlorine bleach is not advisable as it will disintegrate the fibers. Mild bleach can be used such as products that contain oxygen bleach with hydrogen peroxide or enzyme brighteners.Prepare lidded glass jars, white vinegar, mild fabric detergent liquid or powder, distilled water, Q-tips, ironing board, iron, and clean white towels. Prior to using any cleaning solution, try a test area to check for bleeding. Test the inside seam and check if the color will bleed onto the Q-tip. If it does then do not wash the garment and instead use a spray foam carpet cleaner and use a soft toothbrush once it has dried. You may also use Carbona Rust or Ink solutions for tougher stains as an alternative. If the doll garment’s color does not bleed then proceed to wash clothes with water.Mix a solution of vinegar and distilled cold water into the jar with a 1:1 ratio. Remove any hook and removable metal accessories from the dress. Soak dolls garments in the jar for an hour. Rinse clothes in another container with distilled water. Next is to soak the dress in a solution made of mild fabric detergent such as Ivory snow and cold water using the ratio on the detergent’s box. Shake the jar gently once it has been soaked for almost an hour and observe for color bleeding. Rinse garments with cold water.If stains are still visible, this time you may use bleach but those that do not contain chlorine bleach and make sure to rinse it. Use products that are made of enzyme brightener as it is mild. The garment wills still have to undergo to 1 final soak with vinegar and water but this time just for a few minutes. Rinse with cold water and then gently dry it off with two clean white towels to absorb water.Let it air dry on a white towel and keep it under the sun for a few hours until it dries but do not let it stay longer. You may also turn the garment once but do not hang the doll clothes using clothespins. Once the clothes are dry, you may now gently press the clothes but use the lowest setting on the iron. Do not run the iron on the fabric and make sure it does not touch any plastic materials if the dress has such. Finally, never use fabric softener or starch as this could cause stains in the over time.