April 25, 2024

People, especially women, have worn jewelry to decorate themselves for centuries. In ancient times, people wore the jewelry made of stones, shells, jade and even plant seeds. Now in modern times, jewelry artistry develops greatly. Jewelry can be made into various patterns with many kinds of materials. Meanwhile, the purpose for women wearing jewelry also changes. They wear it not only for the purpose of decorating themselves but also proving their status.A survey made by the psychologist shows that we can judge a woman’s character and tastes from the jewelry she wears.Gold jewelryIf a female often wears much gold jewelry like gold rings, earrings, bracelets and chains, she must be open-minded, confidential and friendly. On the contrary, if she wears little, such as only a pair of earrings, a chain or a gold watch, she may be a person who likes admiring the beautiful thing. She may not be open-minded, but a person who represses herself.Silver jewelryIf she likes wearing silver jewelry, she must be a person who does everything according to the rule, especially when she does her routine business.Hereditary jewelrySome females like wearing hereditary jewelry, such as an ancient bracelet, earrings, the ring or the plastron, etc. They never wear any modern and fashionable jewelry. They must be loyal to their family, their relations and their friends.Conspicuous jewelryIf a woman likes wearing a big ornament like big earrings, a big plastron or a big colored gem, she must be carefree, friendly and humorous. She wants to make herself conspicuous among the group, and she must be popular with others.Religious ornamentsSome women are fond of the small religious cross or some other kinds of religious ornaments. These ladies must be proud of their own qualities. They are very practical and never do anything to steal the spotlight.Artificial jewelrySome women like wearing much jewelry, but all the jewelry is artificial. They must be the persons which care more about their appearance, or maybe they want to lead comfortable lives. They like beautiful things even though they are artificial items.No jewelrySome women wear no jewelry at all, which doesn’t mean they can’t afford some jewelry. They care more about their intension than their appearance, and they don’t mind how other people look upon them.Hand-made jewelrySome women like wearing the jewelry made by their hands. They think it is unique and particular, and can reveal their tastes in jewelry. These ladies are original and creative. If they work in the drama or architecture field, they may achieve great success.